About us

Suzanne is a recently graduated (2018) Cambridge Engineer (BA, MEng), specialising in Energy, Sustainability and the Environment and Mechanical. She is currently working as a Mechanical Engineer.

She has been powerlifting since October 2014 and competing since December 2015. She started powerlifting because she wanted to get stronger and focus on body performance rather than aesthetics. This was catalysed by previously going through some issues with body image and her relationship with food. Over the course of her career so far she has represented team GB at the World Classic Bench Championships; podiumed at the University World Championships in two consecutive years; and captained the Cambridge University Powerlifting Club (CUPLC) to a Varsity victory; as well as getting the men’s and women’s teams to the University World Championships. She is most proud of contributing to the growth of CUPLC, and especially with motivating lifters to compete. In her spare time she likes learning about sustainability.

Raghul studies Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Atmospheric Chemistry for his MSci. 

He started powerlifting in March 2016 because whilst boxing at university he started to miss the more self-led nature of lifting; and saw the opportunity to now push it competitively. So far he has won the British Bench Championships, won the British University Championships, competed in the University World Championships and is currently captaining CUPLC. He is most proud of being able to help new lifters and share his excitement for the sport. In his spare time he likes to work on social impact projects.